Recipe: Rum and Tonic

The best way to enjoy a Silk Road Spiced Rum is in a satisfyingly simple and refreshing Rum and Tonic.

This fresh and exciting way to drink rum, not only gives a great option for those looking to find a gin and tonic alternative, but also allows the rich tapestry of flavours in the rum to really shine through in a well balanced and rounded summer sipper.

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Difficulty: Easy

Time:  1 minutes

Serves: 1

Best for: Enjoying on a warm summer's day.



50 ml - Silk Road White Spiced Rum (2 shots or roughly 4 tablespoons)

150 ml of Tonic (We love a Double Dutch Tonic)

Dried Hibiscus for Garnish

Cubed Ice



1. Add ice to your glass and pour over the rum.

2. Drop in the Hibiscus (Putting this in first will allow the hibiscus to permeate the drink when you add the tonic)

3. Crack open your tonic and pour it in. 

4. Watch as your perfect Rum and Tonic slowly infuses with a beautiful shade of pink.

5. Drink from the glass to ensure you get the fullest flavour, enjoy!



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