Our Story

It all started in 2016, in a tiny pub in Canterbury. When two friends decided to tackle an adventure of global proportions, little did they realise that in 2019 this adventure would inspire a new category of rum.

The 2016 adventure took the chaps, on their tandem, across 5 continents and through a myriad of cultures and landscapes. Along the way they had the chance to sample foods and spices that ignited their palettes and with hours in the saddle each day, George's mind took it's own adventure.

On their return, George coupled his passion for rum, cocktail crafting experience and vivid memories of the Turkish Bazaars to cultivate a new craft spirit. His belief is that White Rum is more than just coconut and coke, and can be a spirit worth its place on your shelf. 

Our mission is to create spirits of the highest quality, hand crafted in small batches to give you nothing short of what we're proud of. We're inspired by the world, by travel, and by the energy of other cultures. We strive to do our best to share our passion with you.