We're on the hunt for a new name

And we need your help! 

Last month we were told we couldn't use our old name, but we haven't let that phase us. Instead we're asking you to help us find a new one! So we've launched a crowdfunding campaign where you can get your hands on exclusive limited edition rum and merch, and each person who chooses a reward gets to suggest a name!

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Rum with a zest

Created by fun loving adventurers, and thought up whilst we cycled around the world on a tandem, this rum is packed full of stories, and has a zest for life.

We’re on a mission to bring some love and life back to the white rum shelf, no pirates or palm trees here, and introduce the world to the incredible Rum and Tonic.

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Rum, Tonic and Friends

Our rum is packed full of beautiful natural vapour infused botanicals, it would be crazy to cover it up with sugary black syrup. Paired with tonic, you find a well balanced drink with every sip, bringing a smile to the face wherever you drink it.

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How do I suggest a new name for your rum?

To suggest a name, head over to our crowdfunding campaign where you can select an awesome reward that best suits you. Each reward comes with a chance to suggest a new name.

How long do I have to think of a name?

We're running our rename campaign for 2 weeks, from 25th May 2020 to 8th June 2020. After midnight on the 8th, we will no longer be taking any more names. We will be sharing with everyone that takes part our shortlist after this date and hopefully we should have a new name by mid July.

Why are you changing your name?

We found out in April that we may no longer be able to use our name. This was due to a conflict with our name and an EU company. We have decided not to contest this and instead find a new name.